About Us

At Ushaz our goal is to introduce traditional cultural art & handicrafts to the global market. We want to pay tribute to the artisans that are carrying this beautiful art from generations and this can be only done by showcasing their amazing talent in front of the world!


The beautiful products you see on our website and the artwork on them is very specific to a small village in Pakistan. Majority of the people of the village are expert in creating wooden handicrafts. They have been doing this for generations.

Each an every stroke on the items is done by hand. After careful inspection a perfect rosewood plank is selected to start the carving of table top. The artist then applies all the different layers of paint to the table. Once the paint is applied, the artist carves out the design by applying different levels of pressure and creates a stunning masterpiece.

However, with modernisation fewer and fewer people are taking this as a full time profession. Our aim is to prevent this art from dying out and bring an international recognition to the art and the artists. 

Meet The Team

Hamza Tanveer

Ahmad Maqsood

Sana Malik

Usama Malik

The Journey